Division Infantry Parachutists “FOLGORE” – El Alamein 1942
The 1st Division Parachutists born and trained to the occupation of Malta island, Esigence C3, leaded by Gen. Enrico FRATTINI, leaves in June 1942 for the Egyptian front with the cover name of 185th Division African Hunters, transported by air from Puglia and from Greece, after a long trip by train, and sent to El Alamein front, point of maximum penetration of the Axis, 111 km from Alessandria. In what was called “battle of 6 days” or of “Alam Halfa” from 30 August to 4 September, the Division, that in line has given the name of 185th Division Parachutists “FOLGORE”, participates with 3 tactical battle groups, the more to the South, composed by the 2nd Btg and the 1st Group Artillery, without many resistance, conquer the area of Naqb Rala and Qaret el Himeimat. Fierce fighting invest the 9th and the 10th Btg that together with the 3rd Group Artillery advance, at the center of the grid, in direction of Deir Alinda where, because of the violent clashes and of numerous losses are assembled into a single battalion, the 9th. The Group more to the North composed by the 5th, the 7th Battalion and by the 2nd Group Artillery reach the area of Deir el Ankar. From the second half of September is assigned to Folgore a piece of the front, that more to the South, about 15 Km, from depressions of El Qattara to Deir el Munassib, 60 Km from the sea. The night of 23 October 1942 the fire of english Artillery begins the Great Battle, with epic fights in Deir el Munassib of the 187th Rgt with the 2nd, the 4th and the 9th Battalions, at Quota 105 the Group “Ruspoli” with the 7th and the 8th Battalions Spoilers, at Naqb Rala the 186th Rgt. with the 5th and the 6th Battalions. Without going back, the battle lasts until the night of 3 November with the beginnig of the folding, walking in the desert, few pieces of 47/32 drawn by hand, on the shoulders weapons, ammunitions and few water. The attempt to evade the english encirclement ends the 6 November when the last group of about 300 parachutists, leaded by Col.Par. Camosso, takes military honours at the presence of the admired enemy.
Maps and drawings belonging to the Major Paolo Caccia  Dominioni, Commander of the 31st Battalion spoilers of Genius, repart at the dipendences of the Folgore Division, that in the post-war, until 1956, clears mine fields along the front and search the corpses of the fallen in the desert, collected in the Italian cemetery and next inumated in the Fallen Shrine of El Alamein at QUOTA33, ideated and built by him.
Plastic of the battle, maps and the chronology of the events.
Repart records of the Commander of the 5th Battalion Parachutists Ten.Col. Par. Giuseppe IZZO Gold Medal for Military valor and jackets mod.1941.
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