1st Regiment Arditi Parachutists Folgore R.S.I. 1945 – 1st Battalion Parachutists “Mazzarini” G.N.R.
The Regiment, back from the front of Rome, in September 1944 wil be sent in Piedmont to defend the Occident Alpine Front, on 1 November takes the name of 1st Rgt. Arditi Parachutists FOLGORE and it is located on Monginevro, the Moncenisio and the Little San Bernardo passes trying to block the reunion between the angloamerican forces, that came from the Tirreno front and the forces that, in the sametime, were landed in the south of the France. In January 1945 the Lieutenant Colonel Edvino DALMAS leaves the leadership to Major Edoardo SALA while parachutists of 1st Battalion Folgore, of 2nd Battalion Nembo and of 3rd Battalion Azzurro are employed in violent clashes involving the Italian that fighting on opposite sides. At the end of the fights the Regiment is in Aosta Valley where its battalions, last the 3rd in Sain Vincent on 4 maggio 1945, surrend the weapons to allied forces. Once prisoners, the parachutists are sent to Concentration Camp of Coltano (Pisa) where they stay for several months.
Also the National Republican Guard (G.N.R.) in September 1943 form one battalion of parachutists leaded by Captain Giuseppe GENOVESI situated in Rovato (Brescia) that on 15 March 1944 take the name of 1st Battalion Par.”Mazzarini”, first fallen of the battalion. Born as an emergency anti parachutists unit, operate between the Mantova, Rovigo and Novara provinces when the first of May 1945 ends all activities
Our Lady of Loreto, protector of Parachutists, drawn by a parachutis of 3rd Battalion in 1943, from the image were made some little icons for Christmas 1944 and for Easter 1945. Campaign altar belonged to the regiment chaplain.
Bazooka anti-thank U.S.A. model M.1 and M.9 and English grenade launcher P.I.A.T.
The remaked Battalion Swimmers Parachutists (N.P.) , at the dipendences of the Marine Infantry Division 10th, after a little operative period in Venezia Giulia against Yugoslav forces that, near Gorizia had violent fights, in the Spring of 1945 is sent to the South front near Serio river between Lugo of Romagna and Fusignano, fighting between continous allied bombing and next retreated to Venice where depose weapons.
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