School of CASTEL BENITO, TARQUINIA, VITERBO - Operations in 1941
In 1938 for the will of Air Marshall Italo BALBO, Governor of Libia, born near the airport of CASTEL BENITO near Tripoli the first School of Military Parachutism to the orders of the Royal Air Force. The school commander  is the lieutenant colonel of the army of engineers Goffredo TONINI M.O.V.M. while the technical lead for training to the new specialty is entrusted to the Captain Pilot Parachutist Prospero FRERI. After an extraordinary recruitment of Libyan Ascari, under the dependencies of Italian trainers, you comes to the birth of the 1st Libyan Parachutists Battalion “Fanti dell’Aria” and then of the National Parachutists Battalion for Libya.
Reconstruction of the uniform used by libyan paratroopers with pictures of the era. Wooden statue realized by the sculptor CASLINI on the occasion of the 1st Italian Artists Show – Rome 1942.
The Royal Parachutism School of TARQUINIA born in 1939 under the leadership of Italian Royal Air Force, while the Italian Royal Army cured the jump and tactical training. The first commander,  Col.Pil.AA Giuseppe BAUDOIN de Gillette, expert parachutist developped more the new specialty and at the Experience an Study Centre a new model of parachute was designed and developped, specific for the launches for a lot of personal, l’ I.F.41 S.P. (Infantry halness 1941 School of Parachutism) and also one particular parachute, entirely made by PAPER and STRING, the REGOLI model, from his inventor, for light loads jumps up to a weight of 60 kg.
At the school of Tarquinia trianed soldiers of every arms for the FOLGORE and NEMBO Divisions, Carabinieri, Airmen, Sailormen and Arditi.
In 1943 the Royal Parachutism School born in VITERBO that will give some soldiers to NEMBO Division and to the newest CICLONE and for the complementary reparts for other arms. In June of the same year will be ended also 2 Preparachutists Courses for the G.I.L.
The first operative jump, made by Italian paratroopers of the 5th Company of the 2nd Battalion leaded by Major Parachutist Mario Zanninovich, was made on 30 April 1941 in Greek skies, on the island of CEFALONIA. After, throw sea landings, the Battalion occupy also the islands of ZANTE and ITACA.
On July 1941 the 1st Btg Carabinieri Parachutists, sent in Libya for the collapse of the war events, between December 1941 and January 1942 fought, up to total defeat, in Cirenaica, along the Via Balbia at Eluet el Asel.
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