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The Parachuting Section of the Army Sports Center, specialized in the many disciplines of Parachuting, is included in the Center. There is material and equipment in use as well as photos of various sporting events illustrating the techniques of style and precision. Sports activities begin in the 1950s, as an Army Sports Center and an Inter-Force Center, having teams for each sport, participating as an international competition in Yugoslavia in 1951. It was officially established as an acrobatic parachuting team in 1966. Today it is called the Department Sports activities.
From the 86 staff of paratroopers participated in the scientific operations in Antarctica, under the aegis of the National Alternative Energy Organization.
In addition, an officer, Major of the reserve Paolo Nespoli, participated in the space mission, October 23, 2007, with the Space shuttle.

In the "GAMERRA" Barracks, the Health Center has also been located since June 2, 1977, and since 1964 the Studies and Experience Office has been directly dependent on the Paratroopers Brigade Command since 1984.

In May 1969 the first formation of what will subsequently be the ordinance music airborne troops is composed. Under the guidance of the Mar. Raffaele Giordano the first 15 elements were accented at the Cp. mortars at the "VANNUCCI" Barracks. since 1980 the M.O.A. is located at the Center.

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