Reconstitution of Paratroopers 1946 – Parachutists Brigade Folgore 1967
The limitations of the treaty of peace that didn’t allow to Italy the constitution of Big Paratroopers Units, gave rise in Roma, on December 1946, the PARACHUTISM CENTRE, first at the Home of Soldier and then to Palazzo Salviati, entrusted to Major Leonida Turrini, already chef of the instructors in the old School of Tarquinia. He enlisted the cooperation of a small core of officers and NCOs ex instructors of Tarquinia and Viterbo having an intense jump propaganda activity trough the peninsula. The transport airplanes SM 82, that for the treaty of peace shoul have been demolished, they were ceded to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M.) with personal of  the Italian Air Force. On 18 January 1947 is constituted the PARACHUTISM MILITARY CENTRE (P.M.C.) that from Rome is moved to Viterbo leaded by Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe IZZO M.O.V.M. with the initial organic consistence of a platoon and then of a company of parachutists.
On 1948 the Public Security Guards Corps forms the 4th Repart “Celere” with two companies of parachutists with survivors of the Folgore and Nembo, that make training jumps in Rimini and Bologna. On 1951 the repart, inadequate to the need of Corp, is changed in Mobil Battalion and Italy’s entry into NATO, allows finally the expansion of the Centre’s Organics that on 1953 form a battalion, the birth of a Regimant of Carabinieri Parachutists, of the Saboteurs Departement and of the Parachutits platoons of the five Alpine Brigades. On june 1957 the Centre is moved to Pisa leaded by Colonel Mautino and on 1963 forms the Parachutists Brigade with the 1st Regiment Parachutists and the Parachutism Training Centre (C.A.PAR.) that later due to a trasformation, on January 1964 takes the name of MILITARY SCHOOL OF PARACHUTISM (S.MI.PAR.). On 1967 the Brigade is named Parachutists Brigade FOLGORE.
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