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Original documents about the Regiments Parachutists in the war. Are jealously guarded the Rubrics of the soldiers arrived to the school of Tarquinia for the training to jump, from May 1940 to June 1943, but about the School of Viterbo we have nothing because of the bombing. The “Book of Jumps”, where there are registered the jumps made by parachutists trained in the School of Tarquinia and only source of research for the soldiers of the Folgore Division because the war events in Egypt we have lost every document. In these two libraries are guarded the Day’s Orders, the permanent Orders, the records and the Countability’s newspapers, from 1943 to 1945, for the most part of the regiments of Nembo Division and of the Fight Group Folgore. No document has come for the parachutists of Ciclone Division, in training on September 1943. Some rubrics of the School of Tradate for the Regiment Arditi Parachutists of the Italian Social Republic but nothing for the other regiments trained in Spoleto and in Friburgo, in Germany.
Multimedia room for the projection the vintage and actuality films about Italian military parachutist. Collection of the “Official Military Paper” from 1946 to the present day, source of research for the Military and Equipment sorting.
Collection of books, manuals and newspapers about Parachutist, from the war period to the present day.
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