The Museum began as "Sala Ricordi" on October 24th 1971, and was initially located inside the "Vannucci" Barracks in Livorno. In 1992 it was transferred, again to Livorno, in some rooms specially set up inside the "Palazzo del Picchetto", headquarters of the "Bagna" Barracks, where the presidio command was located first and then some offices of the "Folgore" paratrooper brigade command. Only later did it take on the name "Museo Nazionale delle Aviotruppe".

At the beginning, the collection and cataloging of the materials was due to the lively passion of the Mar. Mayor "A" par. Carmelo Napolitano effective at the 185° group art.par."Viterbo". A commitment that followed not only until retired but beyond. 

After various vicissitudes thanks to the interest of the various commanders of the brigades that followed, we arrive at an important transfer of the museum to the motherhouse of the Italian Military Parachuting, that is to the skydiving training center in Pisa.

From 2002 remarkable increase of the material begins, thanks to a continuos collection and significant expansion of the whole documentary and historiographical part. 

Currently the museum is developed in 15 exhibition rooms arranged in chronological order. As a whole the museum occupies an area of over 800 squares metres and collects well over 3000 pieces of the most diverse types materials, uniforms , armaments, common soldiers' objects and authentic documents that tell our story. Only in the last few years the many materials deployed for the various barracks of the brigade "Folgore" were centralized at the museum which began to take on its current consistency.

Numerous infrastructure works were needed to reach the current configuration. Many of the pieces kept in the Museum are also the result of donations from veterans, paratroopers of every age and their families members who have thus wanted to leave a remembrance for them or their loved ones to posterity. It is also important to remember the active contribution of the National Paratroopers Association of Italy, which resulted in promotion of subscription in favor of the Museum and in the research among its members of materials and vintage memorabilia.


Room 1 - The heroes

Officiers, non-commissioned officiers and Parachutists that for their own courage....

Room 2 - Precursors

Leonardo da Vinci, with his own studies of the flight, in 1495 processes what was the first parachute

Room 4 - El Alamein 1942

The 1st Division Parachutists born and trained to the occupation of Malta island, Esigence C3, leaded by Gen. Enrico FRATTINI, leaves in June 1942 for the Egyptian front

Room 14 - Missions abroad

Missions of the Paratrooper Brigade "FOLGORE" abroad.

Room 6 - NEMBO Division

The 184th Division NEMBO, second division parachutists, born around at the group of departements of Folgore not sent in Africa

Room 11 - 50s 60s

The limitations of the treaty of peace that didn’t allow to Italy the constitution of Big Paratroopers Units

Room 3 - The schools

In 1938 for the will of Air Marshall Italo BALBO, Governor of Libia, born near the airport of CASTEL BENITO near Tripoli the first School of Military Parachutism

Room 5 - Campaign of Tunisia

Few survivors to the battle and escaped from the encirclement, numerous wounded discharged from hospitals and parachutists back from deposits of Tobruk

Room 7 - Corp of Liberation

From Calabria, the 185th Regiment Parachutists, lost a part of the 8th Battalion for war events and the 3rd Battalion back with german, renovated in the organics

Room 9 - Battalion Mazzarini

The Regiment, back from the front of Rome, in September 1944 wil be sent in Piedmont to defend the Occident Alpine Front

Room 12/13 - 70s Meloria

On 1970 the Great Britain ask to Italy to make in Autumn period, on our territory and with our airplanes

Room 8 - Social Republic

After the choose, the two Nembo battalions, the 3rd of the 185th Rgt. Par. in Calabria and the 12th of the 184th Rgt. Par. in Sardegna, resumed the fight in two different operative sectors

Room 10 - Library/Multimedia room

Original documents about the Regiments Parachutists in the war. Are jealously guarded the Rubrics of the soldiers arrived to the school of Tarquinia for the training to jump, from May 1940 to June 1943

Room 15 - CSE/Antartide

The Parachuting Section of the Army Sports Center, specialized in the many disciplines of Parachuting, is included in the Center
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